Sad but Blue - Blue 3 Soundbank by mAciD

Sad but Blue - Blue 3 Soundbank by mAciD
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27. November 2022
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Hallo Leute,

hier ist sie nun, wie versprochen. Die Blue-3 Soundbank. Viel Spaß damit.


V1.1 - 04.12.2022

First Version with a 31 Patches

V1.2 - 11.12.2022

48 Patches now. This Version is shown on the first Preset Preview on YT

V1.3 - 30.12.2022

90 Patches now.

V1.4 - 05.01.2023

135 Patches now.
Now including the Sample Folder.
This is the Version, Rob showed online on his YT Channel (Tanks a lot again)

V1.5 - 13.01.2023

No new patches.
Missing Sample Bug in "Simple Strokes" corrected
Assingned mostly XY-Pad to Filter Cutoff and Filter Q
Tried to match True Peak to round about -6dB for all Patches

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